Último comunicado de la organización EJC 2015.

   He aquí el último comunicado de la organización de la EJC 2015:
Dear jugglers,

This is probably the last newsletter you will receive from the EJC 2015 team. First of all: Thank you all for a great convention! It was only possible because so many people worked together and we want to thank everyone involved: Our partners in Bruneck, all team-leads and team-members, the setup- and tear-down helpers, everybody who volunteered – in short: Thanks to all the jugglers and local people who made EJC 2015 happen! 
EJC 2015 Movie
Now available! The EJC 2015 Movie

More than 4000 jugglers have made the EJC 2015 in Bruneck a very special event. Bruneck turned out to be a perfect host for us. Jugglers and visitors alike have all made extraordinary experiences. A lot of all that happened was recorded by a professional tv-team, often without anyone taking notice of it. The tv-team also attended one artist during the gala and behind the scenes.The result is an innovative and sparkling documentation of this event.
The filmmakers took care to uncover what is so special about this EJC by telling many people’s stories in detail. All essential events were recorded making this documentation as impressive as the event itself.
Running Time: at least 60 minutes

Additional material:
- best of the Gala, running time at least 30 minutes
- best of the Fight Night, running time at least 25 minutes
- report about one artist performing at the Gala, running time at least 5 minutes
- report on the Games, running time at least 5 minutes
- concise report on "Mathematics of Juggling", running time at least 5 minutes
- montage of the Open Stage, running time: at least 15 minutes

Watch the trailer: http://youtu.n2g18.com/l/134205447/c/0-9c9v-db8qux-803Profit from a special offer until October 11th: only 29 € instead of 35 €! Order the movie now at stikkma: http://www.stikkma.n2g18.com/l/134205445/c/0-9c9v-db8qux-803
    Resumiendo: Muchísimas gracias y está disponible un vídeo muy molón que podemos adquirir en el enlace anterior.

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