Evaluación de la EJC 2014 en inglés.

     Por si a alguien le sirve de utilidad, aquí está la evaluación de la EJC 2014 Millstreet (Irlanda) en inglés. Le debemos las gracias a Leire Fernandez de Retana por la traducción.

European Juggling Convention 2014 Millstreet (Ireland) evaluation

     On July the 25th 2015, a Spanish attendees meeting took place within the EJC 2014 in Millstreet (Ireland) and they performed the evaluation of the convention, with the objective of that review being a point of reference for organisers of future EJCs.

     Out of 32 total Spanish people that travelled to the EJC 2014, only 18 were able to attend this meeting. All attendees voted for the convention as positive. Everybody agreed the organizers did a very good job. To the question: “If future EJCs were like this one, would you repeat the experience?” all 18 attendees answered “yes”.

     Positive points:
          - Layout: All areas were close to each other.
          - Camping area: good.
          - Livable vehicles area: quiet, close to other areas, with water taps and toilets.
          - Showers: good and with hot water.
          - Portable showers had an elevated grid-like floor that prevented them from flooding.
          - Toilets: Always very clean. There was always toilet paper available. They smelt nice.
          - Toilets in the livable vehicles area: Clean. Always toilet paper available. One of the toilets was exclusive for disposable waters.
          - It was a good idea to clean the toilets cubicles separately in order to be able to close the door of the toilet that was still drying.
          - Food stalls: There was good variety. Food was not that expensive for Ireland standards.
          - It was possible to buy food for cooking.
          - There was an area with tables to cook and/or eat with friends.
          - One of the cooking spaces was sheltered from the rain.
          - There was an area dedicated to do the washing up.
          - There were plenty of drinkable water taps.
          - There was a good view of the main stage from all seat areas and seats were comfortable.
          - Shows and events started always on time.
          - No queues.
          - Fire area: good.
          - The diabolo battle was great and it should be repeated every year.
          - Security: They did a very good job and they were very friendly.
          - Organizers: Very kind and friendly. Very attentive to any requests.
          - The organizers treated volunteers in a good way.
          - Ambience: good.
          - The booklet was good.
          - The town (Millstreet) was very nearby.
          - No dogs inside the EJC premises.

     Things that could be improved:
          - Showers: Mixed showers were missed, so that couples or families could share soap.
          - Some of the portaloos were placed right beside a water tap.
          - The EJC bracelet was only allowed on the wrist and not on the ankle.
          - There were very few plugs available.
          - The EJC map in the booklet was somehow confusing.
          - Traders’ opening times were very short.
          - It would have been better to place all traders in the same location.
          - It was not well received the fact that some of the grass area was closed a day before the convention finished.
          - Some of the volunteers were too authoritarian with no need.
          - The Climate complicated the interaction and sociability amongst attendees.
          - It was not well received that lights were turned off during show times in the 24h gym.
          - It was not a good idea to have the EJA General Assembly in the 24h gym. There were too many people training and there were very loud sound tests being carried away in the main stage at the same time.

Published by Ray.
Translated by Leire Fernandez de Retana.

Evaluación en versión PDF: Visualizar / Descargar.
Publicado por Ray.

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